5 Reasons Why Digital Marketing is Everything You Need to Grow Your Business

Whether you are a big thriving organisation, a small start-up or even an ordinary cobbler, this millennial era is calling for the need of digital marketing. You’ve got to play in and on the web, you’ve got to be making and pushing content that can be accessed digitally.
Here are 5 Reasons why you need to have a compelling, meaningful and engaging web presence today.

1. Customers find you | Be Accessible to Them When they are Looking for Products you are Offering

Researches continue to prove that millennials spend more than 20% of their day using mobile devices.
It also details that about 80% of millennials using internet-capable devices are logged-on to receive information for most of their day. To add, most millennials search on Google and other search engines, even on Facebook and Twitter for products and services before asking around or doing physical search around.
Through social media, location has become a thing of value. Most millennials post with location, and if they checked in at your shop and they want to talk about you but you are not found on the social network they are sharing on, too bad! You are going to miss a chance to make some good bucks
It gets to be a concern for even those who are still trying to penetrate with TV ads [which are still making an impact, though not as good as formerly or as perceived]. Millennials are less of TV people, they are more of streamed content and downloaded material, most of which is accessible on the internet.

2. Teach them more about how to get the best out of your product or service | Educate Millennials

Many times people buy products, people pay for services from which they enjoy less than 60% of what they could.
“The creator knows best.” I would say. So given that you are the one providing the service or product, you are probably the most knowledgeable about how your product or service works.
You’ll find that millennials are a group of people who do not let you get away with cheating. They are mostly out to get what they think they deserve, so let them know that they are not cheated by teaching them. Be the person who tells,  and more, teach them where they are found – digital platforms. Somehow, millennials like things on their terms which is why you ought to be present on the web to meet them.

3. Feed Their Curiosity | Keep them Posted

Millennials just want to know more. Sometimes they want to know the ingredients, sometimes they want to know you do what you do, and what you could do. Give them all that, and they will be loyal to your brand.
Whatever you are involved in, let them know. Maybe its events or it’s a humanitarian act. They may want to take part in them, which in any way will do great for your marketing and accessing the best talent for your HR plans. This happens with millennials because their brand loyalty is huge.
All this information you share with them, as long as it’s accessible and comes on their terms which is, being usable on their mobile devices, then they’ll want to share it and talk about it. This could put in motion viral marketing for you pal.

4. Get talking | Engage them

It’s said millennials are on about how they aren’t faceless.
It’s true.
They want you to acknowledge that they exist. More, they want to express themselves, a lot. But it also pays to know that when you express yourself someone is listening, and if it is you when they comment your posts, they would love it. Millennials want to be heard. All this could boost their pride, so they stay loyal to your product.

5. Network with Others in Your Industry and other Important Links

As you create and push content on the internet you provide answers that actually help certain organisations or so. As this happens, they may want to connect with you. Or, you may want to connect with them, improving the ease of doing business and many other benefits that come with networking.

The bottom line is you could have a lot done to get more result for your business, almost over all aspects of the business. From administration through marketing to production through finance and HRM.

No matter how small you are or how big or how long you have been in business – give your business a thrust in its performance that will put you in a proactive position.

Hire us and take your business places today, now!

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  1. Hi! This post could not be written any better! Reading this post reminds me of my good old room mate!He always kept talking about this. I will forward this write-up to him.Fairly certain he will have a good read. Thank you for sharing!


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