Create brands that Speak and Sell Big


Our efforts and means for existence are the reasons why you should rely on Influence for your Social Marketing, today, now.

  1. Cutting-edge

Imagine trying to cut meat using the handle of the knife. Would you make it? No, you need the side that cuts, and you’ll be sure to cut fast and smoothly. Reach your goals fast and smoothly with influence’s smart marketing solutions. Why Influence? Get and use your cutting-edge.

  1. Humane

Sometimes people can be too cold, sound like robots or worse-inanimate. Social marketing requires a human touch for great optimisation. It turns out, it’s just what we do. Why sign up with Influence? Get humane and make real connections, connections that build you an industrial icon status, for brands that sell and speak big.

  1. Aggressive

How would like to know that, you may die because the doctor didn’t all he could to save your life? It’s frustrating. At Influence, let us, in our aggressive gears, figure out all possibilities and explore them till things work. Maximum effort.

  1. Millennial

Have your brand fit to the times and the market. The demographics change, the metrics, the language, the tricks that used to work in the last decade no longer work in this one, neither will these work in the next one. So, stay trendy and adapt.

  1. Proactive

Yes, let’s use our research data and forecast possible and see if we can alter them and have them work for us in ways that leave us or maintains our industrial icon status.

  1. Solutions

Yes, get CHAMP Solutions from day one. This is something that most of our clients understand emotionally, ask them or better yet, explore.

Influence, is the champ’s way. And, isn’t a leader a champ? So, to survive and actually be something to reckon with.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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