6 Things That Prove Engagement is King

The age for one-way communication is long-gone. Millennials are seeking to express themselves. People are raving fans for super-hero movies such as Arrow, Superman, Black Panther, and Fast & Furious Series and related. Do you know why? Because these characters are beings that have been able to challenge the status quo by facing the giants and institutions once thought too mighty to be approached, let alone bring them down. Giants or institutions once thought too rigid and fixed to be changed, let alone accept what they’ve stood against for a long time.

More, the advent of the internet and social media in this age has been a good enough sign that this generation has rejected any of the dictatorship. Consider the way people have raved about groups on social media, platforms to comment and be heard by the big sharks and make a difference – recently the media has been amassing web traffic by a video of Meghan Markle’s story writing to Proctor & Gamble.

Basically, as much as you create great content, engagement is king – carbon to the steel of your marketing engine. Here’s a breakdown to why you really need to spur good enough engagement and be dear to that goal, so much as to make it a priority.

  1. Increases Your Activity

Engagement – liking, commenting, resharing, tagging, etc. – keeps your account active. This is good because you need increased visibility and reach and many other things listed down here.

  1. Visibility And Reach

The more you comment and reshare on other users’ accounts the more people see you. Engagement gives you a lot of organic reach so much you can’t help it. And the multiplier effect of engagement lands you on. . .

  1. Great Social Media Optimisation

You’re appearing to more of the people you interacted with, with the kind of content they’ve looked for in their search – so, they like it, comment on it, tag you and reshare your posts – bigger things happen.  Now, that’s . . .

  1. Karma

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. – The Holy Bible. Now, as you have been really good in engagement. What you did as one person to 50 people will come to you as done by 30 people to you – great. So why not work boosting your social media pages engagement. We call it going lean and working smart at Influence. It’s all you need. Karma may be a b**ch but, she’s very generous too, because she hands you. . .

  1. Brand Authority

Commenting on other user’s pages as your company gives you a chance to speak some sense and create a lot of value these people will love and, bang, they want to stick with you. I want to stick to Unaiza Khalid when it comes to branding. I met her in a group on Facebook, and she has all the answers for me.

  1. Personal Touch

You have people feeling like there are actually humans behind that brand and so we can relate with them. Now, that’s soup.

You may promote your page and get 20k likes/followers and post 10 post per day, boost each of those to about 10k people, or even a 100k and your engagement is low you’ll be sure to hurt your social media optimisation. You’ll have to put in loads of effort and money to make it pay – you burnout. Look, sponsoring pages and boosting posts is great, in fact if you never do it, you may be still playing. But, it is not everything to achieving your social media marketing goals; it’s just what gets you through the door. Engagement keeps you there, in the room.


One of our intentions at Influence is the hope to switch potential customers to customers, customers to clients and clients, to partners – loyalty and advocacy. And engagement is the way to go. You may want tutorials on this, give us a call or check our tutorial plans here. Or, better yet, hire us to help you engage more.

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