How To Use Instagram For Business

IGTV? Everyone is on about it. And Zimbabweans are huge on videos. They yearn to even save. So, more opportunities for any versatile business. Get viral, more coverage, huge coverage at almost zero dollars. If you don’t take this opportunity to take your business to market leadership now, maybe you deserve to shut down. You’ll do that anyway, because the ecosystem is changing, and you need to adapt or get extinct. Facebook reports more than half a thousand Instagram accounts are being registered in a week from Zimbabwe. If you don’t rise up to grab all this attention, uhmm you’re probably what we call a dinosaur here. How does a business influence these users enough to lead their competitors?

  1. Set Up A SMO Account

Check what this on our article about Facebook for Business here.

  1. Connect

Would you like to follow people who don’t even know your name. No, stay with me. Don’t get ahead of me here. I’m not talking about instagram here – just, in eal life. How does it feel like to listen and obey instructions from someone who doesn’t know even a bit of a thing about you, let alone say anything to you directly.

Here, the DM button on your instagram account interface is not there for nothing. Use it. Reach out to people about different things and connect with them, build your tribe and make massive influence, take over your market like a storm, unstoppable like a blanket-sized tongue of fire on a dry grassland. Give us a call and we’ll tell you about how we are using DMs for our clients to expand their territory on Instagram.

  1. Use Hashtags

This little thing has made some noise on Social media that, not one can stop it. Tribe is everything on Instagram. You have to have users who are interested in the kind of things you do, to actually make money, impact and influence most of the followers you get. And, you need your post to reach as many people as possible. To achieve all this, you need hashtags. But, how do you use hashtags so a successful social media marketing program? There’s a whole lot of value in this little symbol. Learn more about it here.

  1. Engage

Did you know that a few species of lilving things are caring like humans, if not noe at all. Most livng things created act on instincts. Scratch my back, I scratch yours, mostly, bot ways – good or bad. Imagine what robbots could do.

Now, you’ve probably heard about AI (Artificial Intelligence) or bots (robbots). A bunch of social media user accounts are managed using AI or bots. And these are merciless on Instagram and Twitter. You don’t live a day after sinning. You, are, disposable. Just like that. So, you must view, like, save and comment on posts relevant to you or you’re gone. You’re rated better if your level f engagement is great. You most-likey get that in a multiplier effect. More influence, more power. I guess you could say karma is a princess at this hahahah

  1. Instagram Stories

When these where initially launched last year in 2017, I could only see them from Grant Cardone and a mere 3 others I followed. You know, I looked forward to their next update. It was great, and they took advantage. So far since inception of this great feature, I’m estimating income obtained from using IG stories beyond a million dollars. How do they make money using IG stories? Sign up for our newsletter to make sure you don’t miss this post, when we share it soon.

  1. Return Favours

Having connected with Mshzm (Showbiz Zimbabwe) on Instagram this year, 2018 May, I can accout for a sizable impact to their support. I’ve tagged them on my post, DMed the several times, have had them share with our hashtags in their captions. Things have happened, bigger ones. The power of effective Instagram Marketing greatly lies in Influencing, and returning favours is the way in. But how do you stay in? Check our next article.

  1. DM

Yes, again! Isn’t it true that when certain things are repeated, it means emphasis for important it is for you to get it, understand it and apply.

So, please DM, connect and sell, sell and sell, make impact and secure your followers – your precious market. Remember, it is much affodable, meaningful, common sense and economical to keep the client you already have, than to go hunt for a new one. That’s probably a thing and an insight for your IG marketing efforts.

Great and timeless wisdom says, “Wisdom is the right application of knowledge.” And, “Learning s not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must act.” – Wolfgang von Goethe. I don’t need to say more, harness the power of Instagram marketing. A year from now, you’re going to be proud or sad. Proud that you started on it today, right now. Sad as you regret psotponing this to the point where you haven’t even checked all this out. More sad because you are almost broke you can’t afford when your competitor was almost nobody today but now they’ve practically swept your whole market. If are a having issues with how to about it, or do not have enough time to pull it off, it’s our specialty, hire us for an affordable premium. Check our packages.

Hey, I’m glad you stayed with me to this point. If you loved what you got in this article or more creatively have some things you want to share with us in line with this, or just to say hello – hit us in the comment box below, and bookmark us. Don’t forget to share this with your friends on social media and email, and to sign up for our timely but less spamy newsletter. See you soon.

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