How To Use Twitter for Business?

This is one guy people haven’t fancied so much in Zimbabwe. I made about US$200 off it in a month some time lately though. Without having planned for it and not even taking it seriously.

Now I do take it seriously.

Along with this, I’ve also learned quite a lot on Twitter. Just 140 or, 240 characters and people are having loads of fun, corporations achieving their 20 page blueprints – Twitter.

But how do you actually use Twitter? And, how can a business market using Twitter?

  1. Set The Profile For Social Media Optimisation

Often times people are searching for things on Twitter, and whoever appears first and has some sense will get the deal.

You may have 100k followers on Twitter, but if it’s not optimised, it’s as good as a computer without an operating software. It won’t help you achieve your marketing objectives.

  1. Participate In Conversations

More than a thousand topics are being discussed on Twitter in a single day. You can access your search or explore button and see trending topics. Choose one that you like, click and you start seeing what they’re talking about.

Comment on some of the things and watch as the avalanche of followers, impact and the much needed engagement torrents on you.

Now you are using Twitter well.

  1. Follow Trends

Imagine a guy you don’t know pops up and starts talking about zvihuta (quails), and he doesn’t stop, but goes on and on.

Most likely, he’ll be left alone, talking to himself. Yeah, that’s what happens when you tweet things that aren’t trending, or if you don’t find a way to make your topic fit into trending topics.

So, follow trends. Have something to say, and make noise. Break the hard ground and become an authority. A leader, an industrial icon. Thank God, for #hashtags.

  1. Use Hashtags

This little symbol(#) as a prefix of any keyword on your post can set you on the throne for certain topics. It’s the juice, the cutting-edge of Twitter marketing.

Do you know how to use hashtags?

  1. Be Active

Imagine waiting and listening to a sleeping person.

Imagine following a tour guide who is constantly sitting down for hours saying nothing.

It’s pointless.

On an average day, an average Twitter user loses 20 followers. Some twitter accounts are managed and operated with the help of bots (robots). These bots are programmed to follow and unfollow certain groups of people.

Users usually unfollowed are ones who are generally inactive. So, to maintain some activity.

Thanks to a variety of ways in which you can engage for activity. You have to have about 20 Tweets to be an average user on Twitter.

  1. Engage. Engage!

A knowledgeable lady in designer clothes walks in to a room, everyone seated. She generally draws attention from everyone, and with all that attention she starts talking about herself and her ideas.

She never responds to what others are saying. She never invites anyone on any topic. If ever she does, it’s never about the other person, it’s about her.

Man, that’s cold. All those people might as well be trees.

So, that’s what she gets. But, if she gets in and seats, listens to what they are saying, comments and recites some of the things others have said. She taps into real power. Same is true on Twitter.

You need to like, comment and retweet what others have been tweeting about, as long as they’re relevant to your brand. Be thoughtful and emotionally present. It sets you apart. The more you do, the more influence you get, so, more success.


Twitter is where real issues are dealt with. Your absence really sells your business short, that much. Okay, so maybe you’re there but are you actually maximising, making sure that you get the results. Let me know how this works in the comments, when you try it on your business. Or, you can outsource.

Let us, at influence do this for you, at a reasonable price and much much massively. It’s our specialty. Hire us.

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