Where Do You Use Hastags

The way hashtags work varies, so are the kind of metrics they achieve with varying social networks.

  1. Twitter

They are here to keep the loop on conversations, participate and be accessible in that conversation. More, for SMO. A number of users/brands set authority are added to loads of lists every day, which means authority because of effective use of hashtags on Twitter.

  1. Instagram

Mostly for SMO. You’ll show up on the top 9 posts of search if you use hashtags well on Instagram – and that means reaches in the neighbourhood of hundreds of thousands. That’s awesome. Most times ordinary users/brands grow their audience and engagement to more than a 100 followers, more than 300 likes and more than 50 comments in a day organically due to smart use of hashtags.

  1. Pinterest

Improves your feed and determines the kind of pins you frequently get even as it takes your SMO through the roof – rapid growth.

  1. Google+

You categorise your posts, improve SMO and may participate or show up in different forums and topics. Your posts may frequent “Hot on Google” and that’s awesome. And, Google+ is where people do not hesitate to reshare. So, imagine the kind viral reaches you  may get with just one posts – expanding your territory, growing in to that industrial icon through social influence. The industrial icon that speaks, and sells big.

  1. Facebook

Well, they haven’t been so popular here, but they do something for you alright – SMO. So, use them, just don’t be too spammy and litter people’s newsfeeds. They won’t like it, you won’t.

  1. LinkedIn

Just as Facebook.

There are these brands that have been able to increase, double, treble and square their growth on social media. When you look at it well enough, you’ll learn that this has a lot to do with proper and CHAMP use of hashtags. What your hashtags? Share them with us.

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