ABCs of Social Media Marketing

These simple facts can free you from building nothing to earning for each minute you spend on social media.

  1. Understand it is social first, then media, then marketing. You can’t be all business at a party or someting and expect to have great influence there, same is in social media, be as sociable
  2. Use emojis, and short hand. Basically, be informal, most of the times, not always
  3. Engage through various means, comment as your business, answer messages, respond to comments on your post, as fast as you can, share other people’s content
  4. Relate, build relationships and nurture them
  5. Endorse others

These are basic ABCs of Social Media Marketing. You may want to start off here, and go on building on your art, and you may end up a great 6-figures influencer, the era is here. Seize the day.

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