Messenger: The Skates to the Customer Journey

In 2019, Facebook messenger recorded the second highest downloads from Google Playstore. More people everyday are starting to use messenger. This has presented a load of opportunities for businesses seeking to influence the young generations, for 2 main reasons, among others;

Young generations such as generation Z, according to Google’s generation Z marketing effort serminar of 2018, prefer more of private messaging to close them and get them on board. And, they spend most of their time on WhatsApp and Facebook messenger than any other direct messaging platforms, which means that organisations that are working to grow their skills and territory in this are more likely to be successful than those that are not.

It has seemed for sometime, that while it’s greatly important for effective effort, the customer journey or sales funnel can be circumvented especially with older generations such as the babyboomers.
Note, to some extent – firms could sell well, sometimes even almost consistently without a personal interaction with their customers, whatsoever. They didn’t need to know their customers or more. All they had to do was offer the product, sell the features through impersonal, very corporate adverts and people would buy.
But, today, the dynamic has shifted. With millennials, but especially generation Z, you’ll have to have good and meaningful steps in the customer journey….from awareness, through interest and desire to the action of buying, and buying again. And, direct messaging offers just that, hence the need to use the most popular platforms.

Apart from this, Messenger is magical in a number of ways, and for a couple of humane and business-sense reasons.

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