6 big WHYs: Rationale Behind Social Media Groups And Claim Success In Sales And Branding Without Any Marketing Knowledge

It’s exhausting to be in so many groups on social media, especially for busy entrepreneurs.

I’m in over 25 groups on WhatsApp, over 30 on Facebook, a member of over 20 Lists on Twitter, over 15 Instagram groups Each of these with an average of over 50 active members. As of Facebook, we could be talking of tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands. So, you know how notifications get to be….it can be exhausting, annoying and frustrating.

But there’s an upside to belonging to these groups/communities. Here are 6 of the many reasons an entrepreneur should belong and actively participate and contribute to many social media groups;

Provide Value, Leave them Curious.

There are a couple of groups that I belong to where people bring something that’s inspired by a bunch of people’s concern knowing full well this is something that many people will jump on to feed on. This, they do in such a way that they leave an imprint in your mind, an impression of how that was timely, and very useful. Eventually, any other time that somebody has to say something you can almost always want to check it out.

You become an authority.

Others go further as to give a powerful, seasoned but rare solution to problem most people in the group are having, but then they leave you hanging, sparking comments and more questions which at rating the respondents can tell which ones will be more fertile leads. These, they then direct to their inbox, timelines, websites and that usually converts greatly with a very fast and short customer journey. These are people who usually become regular customers.

Customer Care

Having a group or groups about your brand gives you a better advantage at providing customer service.
Most social networks give you a room to have a group description or a pinned post which can usually hint on Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).
Further, one customer query can resonate with more other customers who will eventually benefit from the answer, instead of having to arduously respond to individual queries on things that could very well be dealt with once benefiting more people – working smart.
And, sometimes customers/clients can help each other better. That saves you time and energy as well as keep your customers.

Provide Community, Let Customers Help Each Other

I have a group of some of my top clients on WhatsApp. In it, on average week about 8 to 15 questions about Influence are asked. I usually wait for other members to respond. And, I’ve so far marveled at how that plays. I’ve also had the first-hand experience learning that customers trust fellow customers more than they do the business or the people from it.
Empowered further these members get to suggest things for improvement, dig up more stuff about your business, usually things that help each member unconsciously reach a level of being a promoter, a brand advocate and a content marketer for the business. This, so you will have ripple effect and a foolproof marketing effort. How great is that.

Promote Without Being Salesy

Today, most well managed social media groups have a day chosen for promotional threads to which more than a 100k people are reached. Note, this is not just a mass, it’s a targeted audience, people who have at least come across your content in the group at least thrice more. This means you have a better standing with any prospect from there than most places.
And, you notice the nature of promotional content by people who now have some good social media etiquette and all, is subtle and less salesy, leavinh you with some dignity. That’s cool, I tell you.

Fill Your Inbox With Targeted Effortless Leads

Each minute people are asking questions looking for the perfect thing, solution to their problems and more on social media. But you know where more of these asked, will get more weight to the people asking and those looking?
Maybe knowing why will make you respect it more. Here; because that’s a community, a very social environment of strongly connected people, usually of one cause. So mostly anything posted in there has some weight than something posted in a sea of content appearing on the newsfeed without group affiliation. Also, the responses are quite under maximum scrutiny, so usually the experts at the topic respond, the recepient is mostly very grateful. And, the cinversation and other related things end in direct messaging. Same as what’s happened with more than 40 people who have responded to my queries or questions in groups this year, about 10 of which I’m been customers to, and about 30 of which I’m a potential customers.
I owe about 40% of my clientele to answers, recommendations and more I’ve offered in a WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram. LinkedIn group or Twitter.


I discovered the power, impact and value of social media groups on Facebook in March 2016. Since then, I have more than 30 close interactions that are powerful and very useful contacts I need for various things benefiting Influence and Inspiration & Adrenaline Today – 2 of my ventures. It’s great, I get to work smart.
My first connection was Balaj Rajamani from India (He linked me to more sources about Mahatma Mohandas Gandhi that involved both positive and negative account, giving me a balanced perspective of my inspiration’s life story. Balaj has been a sound counsel on various topics involving perspective, attitudes, the human mind and more), then Unaiza Khalid from Saudi Arabia (I’ve learnt a lot about branding and more. She’s given custom advices on that and more, leveraging my networks), then Deanna Goodson from the United States (She’s made personal/custom and good recommendations to website consultant companies. She’s proofread my book and more), then Thabo from Lesotho (We’ve researched and looked more into the concept of wealth buidling, writing your way to success, and more), then Lakshmia Marie from the United States whom through I’ve learnt so much about click funnels and more, Andrea Moore whom through I learn a lot about coaching and she helps leverage my content, and sometimes contributes to my content ideas for Inspiration & Adrenaline Today, Jo Seawright from Dumfrees, England who got me through to EMyth, a business consulting for start-ups and the book, E-Myth Perspective that has given me a whole new perspective to entrepreneurship.
In 2018, I got to interact more actively with Prosper Taruvinga who is a top digital marketer in Melbourne, Australia. In the last quarter of 2019, I linked up with billionaire and millionaire social marketing experts from the states, Neal Schaffer, Angelo Ponzi, Sunny Lennurduzzi among others through Twitter Lists. It’s been, and is still to be more great.All in all, social media groups have linked me up with some powerful people, people who make it easy for me to accomplish so much with so little.

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