Why Marry Them: The Page and The Group

Suits USA, Branding Portions/Unaiza Khalid, Becoming the Lion/Lioness and others are some of the really sustainably successful brands that matched their Facebook pages with their groups. This in such a way that, the main group admin is the page. That’s like soooo effective since the first quarter of 2019. Imagine how much more this 2020 and the whole decade that lies ahead. Here’s the juice about marriage (well, isn’t it though?);


Wikipedia’s Wikitionary defines leverage, a noun, as, “By extension, any influence which is compounded or used to gain an advantage.” And, a verb, as, “to take full advantage (of something).”

Yes, making the page marry the group helps to take full advantage of the Facebook algorithm in a way that just compounds the influence your brand and topic has in the group to gain massive advantage in;

More reaches

An average group well managed with hard-hitting activity on it’s topic can grow as rapidly as 100 new members per week without any sponsored activity which a greatly active page can hardly make or see possible. And, the reach? It’s insane. Research we conducted in 2019 proved that an average group post has an average reach of at least 60% in spite of it’s time value. Imagine. This so stratospheric when compared to what a page can achieve. Did you know the 2018 algorithm could, when generous, manage a 10% reach of the page’s following per post, and 2019 it was down to 5%. What can we can expect in 2020? Even less.
So, leveraging a page with group activity is a smart move.
More, a group alone makes things a little slow…it refers but still leaves the navigation to buying a little complex. However put together with a page allows the page to set the narrative, to steer the conversations, and offer a portal and the shop. The group offers a community, the page offers the shop, the outlet. The customer journey is helped, more conversions.

More engagement.

Would you consider a conversation social enough, if one of the five people at a gathering is talking, and demonstrating things, while the other four are just looking, no commenting, no cheering or even complaining or flagging down?
No right? I thought so.
That’ll probably help you understand the Facebook algorithm that ranks pages with less engagement low.
By the way what’s engagement?
Your group activity as the page will count as engagement rate for your page.
Just in case, I haven’t mentioned it, or you aren’t as aware as I thought you to be; what are the benefits of social media groups? One of which is the fact that it’s a community of people – in other words it’s a targeted audience already, where each post has more weight than on the newsfeed. There’s more solidarity in the group, stronger networks, each engagement is meaningful. So, that means comments can grow into conversations? Yes. Soup, right? Exactly.
Read more on groups and engagement.


Customers trust fellow customers, more than the business. Never forget that.
If one of the unknown agencies or businesses in town were asking a US$12,700 to provide you a service wouldn’t you do better with some customer recommendations? I mean, the decision to accept the offer would be made easier and faster with great ratings and reviews by customers.
Having offered good enough value as the authority of the group, your page can garner and draw for itself true fans, and great understanding and good-fitting customers who’ll understand the need for rating and reviewing your services on your page. Wouldn’t you agree?


Your page gets a grasp on what’s trending in the industry, and your potentials are saying about you. So, you and your true fans set the record straight which eventually helps a bunch in PR, branding and advocacy even widening the funnel, steepening the gradient for easy flow down the funnel – more sales.

Customer Journey – Due Diligence

This is the juice, the balance in the system of effective selling. And, when you read more about the value of social media groups, you get to see what we mean.
Groups, have the power to have a bunch of people and accounts rally a large number of people – potential customers – smoothly from the point of just being aware of the business and it’s products, to the point of buying, through interest and desire. And the page will be there to offer a virtual office within the same environment, Facebook, so you can expect a huge conversion and a great growth rate.
And, why do we say it’s not just some mere customer journey, but a more genuine thing and process where due diligence is done? Because the funnel isn’t leaking, can’t leak…each step taking can never have steps back without being followed by a leap in the journey, and each customer who buys gets to refer more, and advocates for the company. The power of marrying groups with pages!

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