5 Ss:Cardinal Rules of Creating Content that Sells


We can’t emphasise enough at this.
“It’s social first, then media, then marketing. One needs to get that to carve their space and place online to succeed in internet marketing.” – Unknown Successful Blogger

So, make sure your content in it’s tone, nature, size and/or length and all is social enough. That means; funny, shocking, or very useful (a solution to a problem) and more.


Of course you don’t want to flabbergast people on social media, people who are just having fun others just lightly trying to find a solution to a problem where a thousand others are waiting to offer the same. If you discombobulat them, they’ll as quickly vamoose and skadaddle away and you’ll be left with the wind.
That makes sense? I hope so.


A few words, short videos or audios tend to do better for audience. Research shows, audience normally afford an average of 2.5 minutes on any form of content. A minimum of 30 seconds, and a maximum of 4 minutes will suffice.

Remember you’re competing with a ton of other content already screaming for attention from your audience. Do best to respect their time.

Of course there are exceptions, some content should delve deeper and explore certain topics with and in detail. But, make sure you do so in such a way that sets your piece apart, give it authority, for it’s needed.

One thing remains though, long pieces are a total no no for social media. A maximum of 6 lines for Facebook and LinkedIn; a maximum of 4 lines on Twitter; and usually 2 lines for Instagram captions.


The shock effect always does better, it sticks, sets you apart, draws tons of attention and is so…


If your content can’t be shared by it’s readers/viewers then it’s not good enough. Even the most clinical and basic info of pieces like About Us page or contact us page, even an apology or press statement should have a sharable flair. Consider the apology campaign by KFC in March 2018 (Find out what I mean about this here).

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