Top YouTubers to Follow in 2020, and Why

Videos are great, and most analysts predict that, while videos have performed so greatly in 2019, they are bound to do even greater this 2020. YouTube has been a place of great learning for so many. Others have even regarded it as some sort of academy. Personally, I’ve learnt so much in the things that interest me. But given how many people are beginning to create content there, and the way algorithms are optimising and ranking things there, it can be hard to stop at what you’d really need to learn and have that turnaround you need. You may have to take a long time, and a lot of effort, sometimes consuming stuff that could even throw you off. So, here I’ve put up a list of channels that I think all people interested in social marketing and all entrepreneurs could benefit from.
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Neil Patel

Sleek, smart, on point and informative – even very applicable and thoughtful. He has something to say about anything and all about Digital Marketing. Latest and fundamentals, even the habits of good millennial online marketers…check him out.
Oh, and President Obama had some great things to say about him. Imajeni!
Of course this millennial is a millionaire forks.

Neal Schaeffer

Seasoned. Thorough! Relevant! Inspiring. Very Humane. That’s Neal! About all things social media and social marketing. He wrote a bestselling book about this.
Oh, by the way, he’s the pioneer of the #GrowthHacking philosophy that’s seen corporations grow to more than 50000 users in weeks of lauching.
Some governments, and several CEOs of Fortune 500 hundred companies have better than awesome things to say about him.
He’s a billionaire by the way.
You definitely want to watch stuff on his channel.

Sunny Lernnaduzzi

Practical, millennial, motivating, insightful is Sunny. It’s only been about 6 months or less since I bumbed into her channel. So grateful I did. You’ll be too for following.
Sunny has practical, motivational and educative insights about YouTube marketing and more things social marketing. She does that with a flair that just makes you want to dive into it. She’s good for it.
Tony Robbins, Oprah Winfery and other big wigs have some really great things to say about her.
She’s the pioneer and advocate of the one practical and inspiring #1000 true fans approach that’s seen a couple of people horn in on their communities to multiply their impact over a relatively small audience.
She’s a multi-millionaire by the way


Timely, thoughtful, simple and relatable. Buffer has a way of demystifying a whole lot of things, when it comes to social marketing – all networks covered in diverse angles.
I bet if you had enough time you could probably overtake some of the gurus in social marketing if you could just sit and take notes from them.
They crack algorithms, new tech and artificial intelligence discoveries that social marketers could leverage their efforts for rapid and meaningful growth.
They rake millions in revenue each month, if not more, with a huge and vibrant community of advocates like myself.
You definitely want Buffer to be the reason why you just have to spend at least 15 minutes on YouTube per day, or even 3 minutes.

Which one of these channels have you liked before? What about now? Which one is your favourite. Let me know what you loved about each one of them. And, do you have other great recommendations? Share in the comments below. Or, whenever you remember or find a great channel, share in our messenger on inbox on any social network we are at, we’ll share with others. It’ll be worth it

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