Top Facebook Pages to Observe for Successful Social Marketing in 2020

Eventually, we all need some benchmark, something to measure up to. We also want inspiration for almost everything we do. And, in social media, things change every now and then, when they do there are others who seem to stay on top of these changes. So, they make it fast and well. Most of the times what they are doing to get ahead is not really a secret, it’s something you can get by just religiously following and studying the pages. There are a couple of things you may have to look at to see and learn.


I’ve been following DHL since the second quarter of 2016 and my life has not been the same. I literally study them, and I love their humane, feely, atttentive and edgy content and activity. Very social.
I’ve also watched their accounts sprout in likes and engagement. So good.


Well, these guys are the hub of all things social marketing, they will teach you the first to the last thing about social marketing in a series of bright, lively, informative and inviting content both with content and as you learn from their very generous results.


My friend Kuda says, “#AOP – Always On Point! Keeping it hundrend (100%)!”
That, regarding things like what Hubspot does.
They could basically be your coach and think-tank from new discoveries to what’s hot to cutting-edge research and more.
But better, they do that well in all important metrics. Follow them and you’ll learn what which of their diverse content is making it.

Talk to me, what do you think of DHL, Meltwater and Hubspot Facebook pages? Do you have other super important pages that you think all Facebook marketers should follow? Share in the comments below. Cheers!

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