How Social Media Will Save Lives in The Decade Post Covid

Today is #SocialMediaDay. In the past 20 years, we’ve seen an unprecedented shift in our way of life – especially in terms of communication. With the unforgetten impact of the 9/11 on the world, realising the value of internet marketing, more is expected in the wake of the novel #coronavirus, and what to be expected in the coming decade

Before the introduction of electronic means of communication, sending messages was a long process and less reliable. One had to wait days to get a reply, or get on a call with someone – usually unscheduled.

This sort of setting made it virtually difficult to know well enough who read or got the message, especially for marketers. It was even harder to follow through.

It becomes more of a concern when one factors the importance of #socialdistancing to prevent the spread of coronavirus. That, along with the fact that business cannot, as yet, open business as usual – abiding by the WHO Covid19 regulations. Businesses will need more internet activity and seeing as how social media is leading in traffic generation and more for apps and websites, it is of no question.

Today, we have a whole new era, with more advantages in communication – enriching our social lives and business alike.

Here are the basic benefits of social media to businesses in the coming 3rd decade;

1. Amplified Reach and Growth

Reaching close to 4 billion people in an instant, at low cost. According to DataReportal, a 3.81 billion people are using social media today making 49% of the world population. This presents an opportunity for businesses who otherwise couldn’t afford to be global, to serve the whole world – more chances of growth. Given these stats, imagine how it will be in the next five years. Cyber Security Ventures estimates a staggering 6 billion social media users – 75%of the world population by 2022.

2. More Effective Sales and ReMarketing

Naturally social media gives you a chance to trace your advertorial and marketing communications.

Look, when you venture in promotions using the traditional approach, you can’t always tell how many people were reached and actually got the message enough to become interested in what you are talking about. Your poster could be very well in a public place, but you could never know if as many people who pass by it, read it or took the contact details. Same as Radio and TV ads – sometimes people leave radios and TVs on while they are not around listen or watch. You can’t always effectively tell which message brought a prospect through to you.

But, you always can, and do much more with social network’s analytics or insights part. With social media you can always tell how many people where reached. Other networks are generous enough to highlight on impressions – the number of times people were able to see the post (flier or promotional message). You also get to know how many engaged with your post, mot times with details of interaction – yes, it’s that good. It’s intelligent. That means working your way down the sales funnel becomes more easier and traceable.

Given how you can almost always reach the people that have interacted with your content before, that means you can remarket, to the people who have bought before, at very low to no cost at all. These social networks use systems – algorithms – that make posts that are similar to what people like, comment or share appear in their newsfeed. So, people who engage your posts, even in the form of detail expands, can end up with you several times in their newsfeed. Think about it, it’s smart, right?

3. Branding at Very Low Cost

I mean, all you need to do is be active in the right places with the right content. Like, groups pages feed and hashtags. And, soon enough your name will stand out in the things it should. It’ll give you more of what’s called brand positioning.

Say your business is into construction that is focused on putting strong secure roofs over all type A people. All you have to do, is share content that tells your story, where are coming from, where you are going, and how you’re going there through your everyday work in and out of your organisation.

Along with that, as your page participate in groups and platforms in things related to construction in the tone of what your company seeks to achieve. Soon enough, many will pick it up – as a construction company bringing in secure solutions for innovators/leaders. They will get it well enough to become, and raise brand advocates – multiplier effect.

Look, there is so much that can be made from and through social media today, and in the coming decade that requires you to be not just present there, but to actually get a good enough real estate on the networks.

Do you know how? We can help, 1 week free sessions on some very important facets of your social media marketing. Contact me.

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