What is and Why Do you Need Social Media Optimisation?

What’s the point of being on social media if you can’t be found? If you can’t pop up in suggested pages so that others can follow your brand? You are on social media for a whole bunch of reasons or, for a certain specific cause. But mostly you need to achieve that with an audience.

What if you can’t reach to that audience? Many social media pages today are like zombies – loads of activity by the page managers and no life at all – reaches and engagement is dead low. That’s a result of poor social media optimisation. So people have been asking;

  • How to make posts appear in my followers’ newsfeed?
  • How to get more views on Facebook?
  • How to get you Facebook posts seen?
  • How to get many impressions on Instagram?
  • How to make posts appear on the first 9 photos of search on Instagram?
  • How can my tweet remain on top on Twitter?
  • How do I get things trending on Twitter?
  • And many more questions.

I believe that if these questions are answered well enough, it could be the beginning of some social media marketing success. Here’s how;

  1. Create a complete and full Social Media profile

Make sure all the things necessary are attended to, and well put in such a way that your visitors can get a full understanding of what you are, for you, and for them.

  1. Create content that’s relevant for the kind of audience you want following you | Value

Because you’ll get engagement and that’s what is used by social media algorithms for your ratings in SMO

  1. Remember it’s social media: Be social

Yah, this on is a big one. I mean, what do you expect? Imagine a friend sharing about how her cakes are the best, in fact a couple of people send her testimonials per day, and she’s actually sharing the pictures with you – but, it’s only your relative’s funeral and she’s already trying to sell you cakes. That’s so insensitive, wrong and inappropriate.

When sharing on social media make sure that you have a social sense, then you can promote, educate, ask or whatever you want to do with your audience rather than just storming on them. After all, people are there to have fun, and it’s social before its media, most of all, before you can do marketing. So, get it and make it worth it.

In his book Age of Influence, global keynote speaker, businessman and author Neal Schaffer makes a clear point to say that one major mistake businesses make on social media is that they are still communicating in ad-speak.

Posting/sharing social content spurs loads of engagement, if not,  you just get great reaches, which is pretty good anyway.

  1. Encourage engagement

In your posts and social media activity, be sure to encourage your audience to act – be it reacting, commenting, sharing, tagging, mentioning some users and related. This increases links to your user account/page which eventually, according to algorithms show that your content is good for wider range of audiences and groups. So, your posts appear more often to your following hence great reaches and influence. Watch it, you’re becoming a leader, an industrial icon.

  1. Variety of content.

Share your story, ideas and content in varieties of formats – videos, text articles, infographics, GIFs, audio, pictures, forms, etc. This helps you reach out to your audience in different ways, that variety has a multiplier effect to your content performance. Some of the benefits including, increased post reach, sharability, engagement and great graph search performance. So, a variety of content betters up your social media optimisation.

Now that that has been said, how are you going to start on this? Let’s know what you are up to. Send us an email of your plan and we may work with you on this, for free.

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