How To Set Up A Successful Facebook Page in 5 Minutes Even When You Don’t Know Facebook

The world’s current biggest and famous social network – Facebook – offers so much for businesses, influencers and individuals with varied interests. Pages such as Dhar Mann, Entrepreneur and Goalcast show much success. They have a huge following, engagements, views and more – surely traffic flows to their websites must be quite great. But, how does one set up a successful Facebook page like that?

Make sure you have a Facebook account.

You can create a page without a personal account on Facebook, however there are many benefits of creating and managing your pages from your personal account. I say that because I have seen many people who have created and are still managing their pages that way.

So, you log on to and follow the sign up option. There, in less than a minute you have a personal account on Facebook.

This button appears when you’re using a desktop browser or related.

Go to Pages And Hit create page

Once in your personal account, which I believe you may already have, find the + feature or the part that says ‘create’, or you can go to your menu and find pages which when you click, will have an option for creating a new page. Click that – you’ll see options of creating a page, group and others, choose page, and you are on your way to some success for your page. You’ll decide what’s best for your intentions between Business/Brand or Community/Public Figure. The business/brand option offers you business benefits such as showcasing your products and services, spotlight your brand and reach more customers on Facebook while the community/public figure option brings about a chance to connect and share with people in your community, organization, team, group or club.

This is what appears, once you choose create page

Fill Out All the Necessary Blanks

You’ll need to name the page, which mostly is your brand or business. Be careful about this part because, Facebook page names are not as easy to change as Twitter or Instagram. Some of the important parts to fill out are;

  • categories – make sure you fill with more than just one category
  • address, well this will help with geo tags and the like, the best thing about this option is that you can choose to hide it, and have it shown to you alone
  • your identity – profile and cover photo are important if you are actually expecting to interact with human beings there
  • Booking Calendar – serious about business? You’ll want to sort this out for people who will want to book appointments with you from Facebook. It’s so easy

With each of these, you can always skip the next 3 and fill them out later. However, if you mean business or much fun, you will eventually have to fill them out, for so many reasons.

Get Your Page the Username.

Typical interface on your new page. Can you see the many parts that need to be filled.

Very important is this feature of your page. It does so so much, at this point I will mention 2.

Your username, which can be your business name or whatever you choose to associate with the page you’re creating – like ours is @influencezw, automatically gives you;

  1. easy reference to people follow you and more, even mentions, which are very important – I can easily recommend people to tag @influencezw on Facebook on relevant things
  2. you get a simplified url – simply put, you get an easy-to-remember link with your username, just as much as ours is

Fill Out Everything Else, as Guided

Making sure most areas prompted by Facebook for your page are attended to. They improve your discoverability. I mean when people search for things that are related to you/your business on Facebook, they should be able to see you on the search result. After all, that is the most important thing for you right? People discovering you easily. Most vital is the About section – here you give details as prompted by spaces given. This will, in so many ways improve your social media optimisation.

Be on the look out for latest updates on the hacks to lead in your industry through social marketing. Share with us some of the important things to know about Facebook pages.

We specialise in making businesses and brands stand out. And, we know just what is required to make businesses stand out on social media, in a unique, less costly but humane way. You may want us to look into this aspect for you – creating a successful Facebook page. Contact us, today.

And, by the way, we are running a promotion for free strategy session for social media marketing. All you have to do is read this article, and follow what to do.

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