How To Reach More People on Facebook in 2 Months Without Boosting

Reaching many people through posts on Facebook has increasingly become difficult in the past few years. The Facebook algorithm has reduced the high possible reach to a mere 5% of the page’s audience – people who may have liked the page, being online at or around the time of posting. Thus the only hope that’s been left to marketers in boosting the posts so they reach more people, from which they can expect to bring about traction in terms of website traffic, lead generation and more.

In the past 3 months, I have been so concerned about the continued decrease in my post reaches that I had to try a number of things that seemed reasonable in the direction of not only increasing reaches but also reaching the kind of people I intend to reach along with getting meaningful engagement and more and so, after that time, having reaped results I am now sharing what I have found to work.

Set a Fan Group

Most successful brands and pages have Official Groups on Facebook whose pages are admins of the page.

Why is that necessary in spite of the hustle that comes with managing, moderating/administering a Facebook group who membership can be very imposing as it can be more than ten thousand people?

Facebook algorithm is very friendly to general posts, and much better for and in groups. You’ll find some posts can have a lifetime of over ten days in the group newsfeed/timeline.

Once, I shared a post from a page into the page-administered group mentioning some very active members and it reached sixty one thousand people within five days. And the post was reshared more than 20 times. You see what I mean?

So, practically, if you give it enough time such as a month to build a good formidable and engaging group on Facebook you can expect to increase the people you reach with each posts, significantly.

Interact As Your Page

Give your organisation/brand a personality by reacting and commenting as the page in things that are relevant to your brand story. You’ll find you’ll connect with more like-minded people and organisation who as a result will visit your page to even want to share what they like on your page.

So, get to your pages feed and interact with other business and brands there. I have especially connected with a couple of people through the comments section of many pages’ posts in a way that’s increased reaches in many ways and for a long time, without boosting.

Tag/Mention Key Fans

We tend to share moments of recognition with our friends and important people in our lives. We also feel very special if certain beings seem to understand us better enough to quote us, to remember us in things relevant to our core values and more.

That’s what you’re appealing to when you mention your top and influential fans in your page posts. Most likely they will engage the posts through reactions and comment. As a result, people in their following and friends will see their activity relating to your page – more reaches. It’s like you’ve leveraged your growth and more on your fans. You don’t have to pay a nickle to achieve that.

You know what’s more? They can even get to reshare with their friends. And the posts can even go viral.

Bring top Fans in To Your Page Inbox and Develop Relationships

Once when I posted a very unusually engaging post on a client’s page, one of the fans was very passionate about the post, that I thought we could discuss further.

We got to discuss more of his interests in relation to our business’ core business and more. We eventually got to explore more and so, he has been sharing content ideas that his friends might like and the same time resonated with our brand. Guess what, we got to have the guy invite a bunch of his thousand friends on Facebook to like and follow us on Facebook. He constantly shares our content with some very thoughtful and humane captions.

So, I’ve gotten to make that sort of a rule to ask some of my client’s pages top fans who are active in the comments to connect in the inbox, and it has paid off a bunch

Mention Industry Icons

I found this working on LinkedIn, so I had to try it on Facebook, and I’m glad to say it paid off, and it still does. While that doesn’t necessarily result in reshares and all, mostly they react to the post and comment. And, yes, you guessed right about the effect it has on your reaches. People in their following are more likely to see the post hence more reaches. Just make sure that the way your post mentions the industry icon is humane, unique and thoughtful.

Cross Pollinate

This is when you reach out to some brands in interrelating industries and all to have your content on their page, as you do the same for them. Your content in which you are tagged/mentioned will reach some people that are prospects for your services and related. More than that it can add value to their page, as much as you sharing their stuff can add value to your page in the sight of your audience. Say, like us at Influence Zimbabwe, being in social media marketing we could cross pollinate with a photo studio. I hope that make sense. People who follow the phot studio are very likely to appreciate more stuff about social media, as much as people following stuff about social media may want more stuff about photos and stuff. I have tried it with one of the pages I manage, and have seen those kind of posts resulting in more page views than usual. More engagements and more, even leads.

Cross Promote

Mostly, your brand is not only on Facebook as a social network, but you may also be on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, TikTok and or others.

Here, with cross promoting, you’re basically bringing up your Facebook page, with much value in your posts on these other platforms. We owe most of our activity on Facebook from LinkedIn and Twitter.

The usually effective way to go about this, is create an irresistible offer on the page, that you give a hint as you post on other platforms and ask people to grab it through your Facebook page. Just watch what happens there, remember to come and share here with us.

Ask Your Audience to Choose to See Your Content First

So, since 2016, Facebook has had this feature where people who follow a certain page can choose to see the page’s posts first, so the algorithm makes sure that, in spite of what should normally be shown on a user’s newsfeed, the latest posts from the pages that they have chosen to see first are there to be accessed, however old their are. I have done that with my top thirty brands that I get a lot of value from. Some of which are, Neil Patel, Neal Schaeffer, Hootsuite, DHL, Livelong Digital, Entrepreneur Magazine and Inc.

Facebook gives you a maximum of 30, so make sure you are worth being in the top 30 of your important and potential-customer follower that you’re asking to prioritise your posts.

I have found, even as I speculate, this option boosts your reaches way above the Facebook default maximum of 6.4% reach for pages. And, it is bount to have more impact. It’s as though these people have subscribed to your newsletter or something. So, they are not mostly seeing your post by accident, but they are hungry for it, and they will devour it.

This has a multiplier effect of them wanting to share it with their friends and more other communities they are in who might find your content valuable. So, it has that effect of tripling your reach to possibly-unimaginable levels. tried and tested. It’s your chance to put it to test too.

Go Live

Facebook live. The great thing about Facebook live is that the moment you go live, it notifies people that you’re live, and so they can check out what you’re on about. See? More reaches.

Also, there is an option for people to check live videos, and given how few people go live per given time, it means you’re competing with few people for attention.

As if that is not enough, you can share the video which can be viewed long after you’re no longer live. It will be accessible to people who visit your page, in the newsfeed of your followers, and on Facebook Watch. Think about it, that’s so much more.

So, go live on Facebook and get more and more.

Post Videos and Appeal to Facebook Watch

Content in video format almost always performs so much better than other forms of content on almost all social networks, especially Facebook. That, in terms of organic reaches, engagement, and social media optimisation.

Videos still have a good and fertile life, even 2 to 3 months after they are shared. So, you definitely want to share videos on your page to reach more people. Say, start with 2 videos per month, then move to one video per week, if you want you can keep increasing the frequency. Ultimately, you need to remain consistent though.


Most people have been saying Facebook is no longer the juice, the it, that could be worth the hustle and the struggle of trying to reach many people and what not. I can openly challenge that notion. Facebook is still in the top 3 social networks to do business with in 2020, in so many ways. Try these ways and find what they can do for your page – both in reaches, audience growth, sales, traffic for your blog or website and even generating leads.

So, we have recently revised our prices, and we think that you may like what we have going on. Please contact us and find out what these worthy packages are asking for, for your business to lead in your industry.

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