How Using Facebook For Marketing Can Transform Your Business in 3 Months Without Having To Be A Genius

Facebook is a widely used platform, almost everyone who has access to the internet has used Facebook. It has a whooping +2billion users. I just watched a live video by Social Media Examiner where they said, about 1.8 billion users log into their accounts everyday. That means a presence on Facebook wouldn’t hurt if it wouldn’t actually help spread the word in the effort of telling your brand’s story.

Reach Many People

When I was studying marketing, there is a statement I came across in marketing communications that said that, the promotion is a promotion that is staged where the prospects are, rather then having to hustle around bringing the, where the message is. That obviously makes sense. I am glad.

That, is the first reason why you need to be on Facebook. Many people, really that many people are on Facebook. So, the chances of your prospect bumping into you are high. It is argued that over 2 billion users interact at least twice per month. At least. Which means, you may reach quite a lot of people.

Ok, so I know that that has to be another headache, managing to reach many people enough to actually sale on Facebook, given how many people there who are also publishing their content. Well, the great thing is the potential it offers. A great one.

More than that, the fact that many people use the platform gives you an advantage that, the people who meet your message can be able to share it with their friends who are offline if it is good enough. So, there…there really is no good reason why any brand should not be on Facebook.

More Features

Being on Facebook gives you many advantages to give your business a boost in so many things or should I say business goals.

A business needs to record high sales, a good solid brand, a good healthy public relations, hire skilled and suitable people and even turn its customers into regulars and advocates. the varied and detailed features of the network gives you a way through.

Pages. Personal Profile. Groups. Recommendations and More.

Even though you have a limit of 5,000 friends on Facebook, you can actually manage to reach over 20% if they are the right people for your business and that’s good enough on the platform given how the newsfeed behaves, compared to other platforms. Oh, and there is the follow option, from the personal profile. The Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg has over 116 million followers on his personal profile.

Pages have an unlimited number of people who can commit to follow it’s activity. It can get as many likes. This has so many great features that, while your website may feel like the headquarters of your business in the virtual space, the Facebook page may be more like the major off-the-headquarters outlet.

You have over 30 accessible features there that if they are used well, can give your business a better push achieving a couple of varied goals, such as generating traffic for your website, generating leads or even drive sales, recruiting and more. Learn more about setting up successful Facebook pages on this article or how to reach more people without spending a dime through your Facebook page on this article.

Groups may be the it. Here, you give your brand a more humane impact and feel as, obviously, the group feature allows the members to share their thoughts and interact with your brand. Here, you can lead indepth perspectives and conversation as your drive your prospects down the sales funnel.

Groups are a good way to leverage your marketing effort as you will have some customers grow from being mere buyers to clients, and even brand advocates. These will obviously even offer customer support on behalf of you, and more, thereby driving a whole lot more for your business. Learn more about the value of groups on this article.

Less Complex Ad Features

Setting an advert on Facebook is almost if not outrightly the easiest. All you have to do is go through a few stages such as determining the kind of promotion that you want to have and select an audience, and sometimes, all you have to do is click next until the advert is now running. I say this, as I compare to other platforms, that are generally complicated such as Twitter and LinkedIn.


I know of business whose value of business generated through Facebook is way above 7 figures, annually. This is, not including the value of branding, the social capital and meaningful connections that they get through this network.

This is why we think our existence is more than just essential. As a result we have came up with a whole range of cutting edge, humane, aggressive, millennial and proactive solutions (CHAMPS) through these social media marketing services. Grab the discounts offered, as high as 42% off on selected packages. Get them now, while they are still available.

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