ABC Of How To Gain Twitter Engagement For Growth?

Let me ask you a question; are you on Twitter?

If yes, how long have you been there?

If you’ve been there long enough, you’ve obviously seen how some people’s accounts seem to remain with an almost dormant life – no activity, same little following months after months, few to zero likes and comments; but then also, you’ve seen other accounts that just seem to sprout before your eyes….fast, with loads of activity. So you have to increase Twitter engagement.

What’s the story? Ethics surrounding the whole microblogging platform. ‘Gotta adhere to them or go extinct.

Wait, am I being too dramatic? Come on, you know that’s what it’s like there…check these 3. Let me know what you think in the comments down there.

1. Keep Your Tweets Short

I mean, what’s twitter? “The sound of a succession of chirps as uttered by birds” – says Wiktionary. The birds don’t stop when tweeting…. but the point is, each of the non-stop sounds is brief and loud enough – high pitched.

Twitter is all about opinions – loud ones at that do better. You’ve got something to say about something? Find the right words, sneak it in, as short as even less than 100 characters. Yes, why do you think they started with 140 characters before moving to 240? 4 or less will do best, research has proven that beyond a reasonable doubt. What’s your average number of characters? Or lines?

Explaining Twitter Ethos
After all, I am just browsing, going through. Don’t do compositions.

2. The 1-third Rule

Of course, in an environment where everybody has something to say, you can only get as much attention as you give to the right stuff, give it a place for you to earn some real estate there.

Look, the general ethic on Twitter is, 1 third of your tweets can be about your business, a third about your industry buzz, then the remaining third about others in the same industry… Doesn’t that sound morally right? Very social! Yes, it’s social media after all, hey.

How to use Twitter for growth?
Somehow your understanding and aim of being on Twitter can either be your enemy or your friend.

3. More is Better

Accounts with more traction are those with much harmony with the thing of twitter, more and successive chirps. Wouldn’t that be obvious?

Look it up, they send up to 30 Tweets in just an hour, and they don’t stop. This has a ton of benefits than cons. Check it here


Look, through Twitter, so many influencers and businesses have seen success better than in other environments. There’s gold there. Just, as with other things precious, there are few rules – written, clear, and some silent ones too – to observe for fruitful navigations. And, here you’ve just gotten them. What do you have to add to these?

Just, as with other things precious, there are few rules – written, clear, and some silent ones too – to observe for fruitful navigations.

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