Make Meta Analytics Work For You In Your Facebook and Instagram Campains

Successful social marketers can never run away from metrics – numbers don’t lie, right? The Meta Business Suite application goes so far as to show analytics in graphs, and more for visual impression. Read more about the value of social media analytics to see and get what we mean.

In line with international serial entrepreneur and best performance coach, Tony Robbins, an advert has to be seen 27 times to make a sale. So you can see that impressions matter, a lot.
  1. Post Reaches
  2. Engagement Rate
  3. Impressions
  4. Demographics and Geography
  5. Tags/Mentions
  6. Messenger Messages
  7. Other

Post Reaches

This helps you to see how many people your content was able to reach as at the time of checking the metric. This reflects the numbers you’re generally able to influence.

I usually like to relate this with the number of people who get to see the newspaper headline or the number of people who were able to get fliers if let’s say you were distributing fliers.

These, basically do not mean the people read the message or got to pay attention to whatever was shared with them. It just appeared in their newsfeed among many other posts that did during the time when they were online.

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Engagement Rate

The number of people who got to interact with your content in many various ways.

Now, these are people/accounts that were reached by the post and gave it attention.

This is the number that counts the most. The number that matters more. It tells you how many people you can really move in a certain direction. Instagram does it better because it shows you the forms of engagement that transpired – clicks on the post, post saves, likes, comments, views and more – that in detail, sometimes against demographics.

A good social media manager will use these numbers to analyse their activity and learn what content performs better. This should help in creating content the next time. And other things.
Learn more about the value of engagement rate.


The number of times people/accounts saw your posts.

This shows what depth your account has in the audience you’re dealing with. For instance, having reached 5,000 people, impressions of above 50,000 accounts are good for business, they’re meaningful and rich with potential.


It means on average, one person saw the post 10 times. So apart from having scrolled past the post/tweet/pin in their feed while busy looking for something else, it appeared again 9 more times to stimulate their minds, now they can remember what you had to share – branding.

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In line with international serial entrepreneur and best performance coach, Tony Robbins, an advert has to be seen 27 times to make a sale. So you can see that impressions matter, a lot.

Demographics and Geography

Though subjective, Instagram Analytics are greatly generous to us social media managers; demographics and location.

Demographics show what age groups you have in your following, and what gender they are.

This is imperative in creating content because things resonate or have a value appeal to people differ with gender and age (more specifically, generations)
The way we serve baby boomers, generation X, generation Y (millennials) and generation Z (centenials) are so different.

The same applies with the way we serve men and women; people in the polar regions and people in the tropics. So, this kind of metric is, gold!

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This is when people talk about you and manage to have your page reference in their posts.

It speaks to how much of an authority your brand is, and how relatable your business is.

Now, this is a great metric, and the bigger numbers you get the better. I mean, because this widens your sales funnel, and improves your chances of converting.

How? You ask. There’s a statement in marketing that says,

“If a guy tells a pretty girl about how good he is, that’s bragging, if his friend tells the pretty girl, that’s advertising, but if a pretty girl were to hear it from a stranger then that’s public relations.”

– Unknown

I bet you get what I mean here.

Even the Facebook and Instagram algorithms look for this kind of thing to rank your posts and page higher in your industry. Smart working. Note that, tags/mentions increase your reach and page visits by default. Multiplier effect, right?

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Messenger Messages

The number of direct messages you’re able to receive in a given time.
The more the better.

This speaks to how relatable you are, and your potential of converting leads to sales. Loads of business occur, not on the timeline, but in direct messaging.

Here, you take the lead – potential client – through the end of the sales funnel and keep them, answer their questions so well to the point satisfaction that they get to count among brand advocates.

You complete the customer journey, and this, so effectively because you’ll have been given a one-on-one with the lead, giving you their full, unadulterated attention, what more would a social marketer or salesperson want?

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There are a couple of other metrics that matter a lot when it comes to Facebook and Instagram marketing. As a result a good and smart social marketer should be able to look into them and make the best of them.

The effective management and assessment of these give a page to what’s known as Social Media Optimisation (SMO). Learn more about SMO.

At Influence ZW, it is our business to create and curate content for your pages, at your recommendation. It is our daily business to analyse these data sets, to help us make the necessary informed decisions to help you stand out social media. We help your effort to make business sense.

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