With each plan, we create and share content, engage your audience, and attend to your inbox. It gets intense thus increasing the chances of getting;

  1. more sales,
  2. generate more traffic,
  3. reach more targeted audience and intense & sustainable scalable brand influence

Basic Plan

Our team of talented, thoughtful and passionate social media managers will manage two of your social channels for growth in all metrics that matter at US$100 per month + US$20 sign up fee.

Standard Plan

You need to showcase your business? Better, so it’s everything on the Basic Plan + 1 more social channel, for US$180 per month + US$40 sign up fee.

Enterprise Plan

You want intense brand effort? We manage 4+ social channels for meaningful growth in metrics that matter to you. This plan goes for US$300 per month + US$75 sign up fee.

Custom Plan

We can also attend to your brand’s custom needs. Get in touch.

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