Reach More Through Engagement: Show Up To Show Up

Social media engagement is underrated.

In the past years where we’ve invested time to observe how these algorithms are working, we found this very consistent: the value of engagement. You have to be reacting, commenting, and resharing content by related people. If you’re in web designing you need to be interacting with content by people and pages in digital marketing.

When you react, reshare, and comment on posts by your industry mates you get to reach more people + rank higher in search – good social media optimization. It’s leveraging. You want that because few resources – just time, really – becomes so much more (substituting the advertising dollars).

Ultimately, you want to become close friends with related brands and personalities. This when you realise that true marketing (not selling) doesn’t just get you more sales, but also businesses and brands that can be useful for you in the long-run.

What are your common means of reaching more people with your marketing?

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