What Does Influence Do For Me?

One of the frequently asked questions we get is, so when you say you’re doing social media marketing for us, what exactly are you doing? There’s a whole bunch of things we’re dong, but I’ve settled to putting down these few.

  1. Creating A Social Media Marketing Plan

You want to have a defined effort, one that you can track. So, when you sign up for our services, you get this complementary gift. We come up with a map which should assist us to…

  1. Set Objectives

Get SMART targets. Both qualitative and quantitative goals and aims that should drive our efforts in CHAMPS, and inspire us to keep on. These set objectives will work for us as benchmarks and as a guide in whatever we do, and how ever we do it.

  1. Create A Calendar

We don’t do things randomly, we have to have some form of order and consistency if we’re going become industrial icons who speak and sell big. So, we create a calendar of activities which we’ll follow. This will save us time, frustration, the weight of coming up with ideas, content creation, and can be a benchmark for evaluating our metrics.

  1. Create A Strategy

How do we work to achieve the plan and the objectives? We have to work smart. So, we come up with a strategy and we’ll be sure to take on whatever task we have – rainy or sunny. Hey, we’re proactive, and aggressive.

  1. Set SMO Profiles

Why pay us if you won’t be the leader? So, check your social media optimisation and see if should take us where we want to go. Then we go

  1. Create Post Concepts

Did you know that, for effective influence on Twitter you may have to tweet up to 144 times? And, to keep living on Facebook, you may have to post at least once everyday? And, about 4 times per day for Instagram, 4 times on LinkedIn per week, so is Google+, at least once on YouTube, about 2 articles per week on your website.

Okay, so how do you come up with 150 things to share on Twitter? An idea for a video for YouTube, work on it and have it posted? That’s why you have us. We work to figure all of that out and have you served.

  1. Posting At Relevant Times.

Can you talk about your dream when I’m about to answer a call? Or, ask me to go run when I’m about to dig in during dinner? Inappropriate? Yeah, so are some posts that are shared. So, we’ve ways to know when it’s best to share and then we share for maximum results.

  1. Engaging Audience

Your audience will send messages, comment on posts and related, we handle most of that. Imagine having to attend to 40 direct message, 120 comments in a day, when you already have a ton of things to do, and some resting to do. That’s why we’re here.

  1. SMO

We work to ensure that you show up everywhere necessary in the digital space. Check what that is here.

  1. Growing Your Influence

One of the things that got people calling Alexander, Alexander the great or Britain, the Great Britain is sustained growth in influence. So, if y ou’re going to lead and influence your fans/audience you need to make sure they’re increasing and your authority grows everyday. The kind of things we do and the way we do it, ensures that your audience, your influence grows to support your vision.

  1. Analysis/ROI

What you value, you inspect. So, you want to know your Return On Investment in your CHAMPS marketing efforts. This kind of thing helps you work smart and use your cutting-edge. It’s as important as breathing in your cutting-edge, aggressive, millennial, proactive solutions marketing.

  1. Consulting

Sometimes you just want to know what is happening or to do what we’re doing or some explanation for what we did. So, we are here. In fact, we recommend that we sit down regularly and talk about what we’re doing – some reflection.

Look, dinosaurs were great, a wonder and a beauty. Not so much with sharks, but you know what, dinosaurs are no more, not so much with sharks, they’re around even as they have been for some time.

The point?

If you want to make sure you make it, and that without burning out or giving away your heart in order to keep living you need to influence. Here, you do that with a very lean budget. Will you check our services?

Oh, and do not miss a thing, so keep us around in your social media feed – email, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.

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