Past 6 Figures to Millions: Selfless Content – Learning to Get less Credit But Getting The Job Done.

More than you

It’s too much to just talk about yourself, what you have to offer, what great things you have done, what you plan to do and all. Even social network algorithms and search engine algorithms are working to flag down pages and sites like that. That’s not very human, morally or socially healthy. Is it?
So, you implement the 1 third rule. A third of your content is about you, a third for the industry, another third for everything else that relates to you, your industry and your brand. How does that sound?
Others go a step further to make it the 1 quarter rule, and add networking content.
In cutting-edge, humame, aggressive, millennial, proactive solutions (CHAMPS) social marketing, that’s not all you can do in being selfless.
Identify what your audience are interested in, what problems they’re dealing with, what hopes they have, and what’s currently happening around them. Then, share those in a way that says you understand and appreciate what’s happening around them. This naturally reflects that your content and products are more likely to be a great fit for them – you know them after all. With all that you know, give recommendations to other and complementary businesses that are in the industry as solutions to their problems, or more value to what they already have. For example, if you are a business about shoes and other leather products; you could recommend 4 top brands of shoe/leather polish that your audience can use; you could recommend 3 top accessory shops your audience could storm to match different footwear products you’re selling. That’s selfless, deep, humane and effective. Even thorough.

50:50 Care & Practicality

Really, I mean 100:100. Like 100% care, being humane, even moppy and all. And, 100% brutal to the facts and situation.
Whaat? Is that even possible?
Too high a bar?
Come on, it is possible. After all you have to be an authority right? Ask them sitting on the high thrones. If they’re honest, they’ll tell you didn’t get there by accident, or because they did 2 things as this or that book says…
It’s a combination of raw and once-thought-impossible things put together that had them gloriously sitting there, and still being done to keep their place. Good or bad kings, presidents and CEOs. (Yeah, I think there are good ones, I know some. Ask me I’ll tell you.)
Corporations that care when they have to deal with a problem or issue and express thoughtfully, what unbearable ordeal victims are having to deal with, are thought leaders. They, tend to get a special place in many’s hearts. But if that’s all they have, that usually isn’t enough.
Some brutally surefire solutions invloving action by victims should follow. Millennials want and generally believe, victims or not, people have to be responsible of their fate. We are the generation that grew up around and survived the bombing of the twin towers, the market crush that followed, the the threats of global warming and climate change, and of course the global financial crisis of 2008 having been born in a recovery from the great depression – yeah, we were surrounded by times that needed a lot of owning up and responsibility.
So, lack the sense of encouraging responsibility and you lose us all. Be practical, even if it means being brutal. It’ll balance. Just don’t be all-knowing. You know it’s obnoxious and very annoying.

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